Tools Used

Diagnostic and profiling tools are a valuable tool to help you to see yourself as others see you or to explore what is going on for the people you work with and lead. And there are many, many tools to choose from.

In much the same way as a good golfer considers the variables (what each club is designed to do, the ground, wind, own capability and preferences) before selecting a club, we do the same when choosing a diagnostic tool or profile. The following table is included as a discussion starter to help you to choose the right tools.

Tool Uses Leadership profile 360 ° Feedback


Behavioural profile Organisational culture
Human Synergistics diagnostics:


Organisational culture inventory (OCI)      
Organisational effectiveness inventory (OEI)      
Lifestyles inventory (LSI),  
Group styles inventory (GSI),    
Leadership impact (L/I)  
Management impact (M/I)  


Workplace profile      
363 for leaders  
DiSC Indra for teams      
Management profile    
5 Behaviours of an Effective Team (Patrick Lencioni)    
‘Print’ behavioural profile      
Customised engagement and culture questionnaires (non-validated)