Professional coaching

How many of us really know our full potential? Working with a coach or facilitator can help you realise and achieve your goals.

What is Professional coaching to me?

For me, coaching is about helping you to create changes in your work life. It is journey which is collaborative in nature and which facilitates self-awareness, vision, learning and accountability.

Coaching also aims to reduce interferences such as fear and doubt and remove barriers to learning.

Professional coaching is about understanding what you want to achieve and the changes you can make in your professional life and in your personal life that can help you mentally to declutter your everyday activities.

It is a supportive process that at the same time challenges you and inspires you to work at your full potential.

How does Coaching work?

Starting the journey : 

Your journey starts with a free of charge initial consultation to discuss what you are looking for. This discovery meeting is to consider what you want to focus on and then to select a coaching program that is an appropriate fit for you. A coaching program may last just a few months or it may be a relationship that lasts several months and together we will plan how you want to take this journey.

Taking the journey : 

I’ll work closely with you; at all times being true to my values of Authenticity, Achievement, Partnership and Trust.
Throughout the journey you will discover what you really want, your blockers and the strengths you have at your disposal to draw on. Together, but driven by you, you will develop an action plan to give you specific focus.
If you have done a 360° profile, I’ll discuss your results with you in an insightful feedback session that will guide and inform your action plan.

Recognising the milestones : 

As with all change journeys, it is important that you recognise the milestones along the way and to be truly aware of how far you’ve travelled.  I will help you to recognise and to celebrate these milestones.

Reaching your destination : 

Time to reflect and enjoy the achievements you set out to accomplish.

You will finish your journey feeling satisfied that it was a journey you wanted to take and comfortable knowing you have the resources to take similar journeys in future. Coaching is a process that builds the knowledge of taking challenging journeys without a coach in tandem with you.

Professional coaching

International Coach Federation Coaching Capabilities

As an accredited coach, you can rely on me to follow the International Coaching Federation (ICF) process; a process that has been developed, refined and used successfully worldwide. The journey starts with creating the coaching agreement and continues to increasing self-awareness to then enable you to design actions that are right for you, taking accountability for the outcome and managing the process.

I now feel more in control of my behaviour and my goals. I know what I want to achieve and what impact I have on people around me.

Shaun P.Village and Asset Management

My motivation has greatly improved and I’m seeing results in my work. I now have been recommending coaching to others!

Mike M.Manager Youth Services,